Salta’s colors and landscapes, all together in one picture that takes us to the North of our country in a second. Would you like to join us?

Cafayate is a town in the province of Salta, in northwestern Argentina. It is located in the Calchaquíes valleys, an area known for its reddish rock formations. There are several vineyards in the area and, in the town, the Museum of Vine and Wine explains the production process of this product.

In Cafayate where you can visit different wineries and taste the exquisite wines such as Torrontés, the characteristic variety of the area.

Among its tourist attractions, both cultural and natural, the following stand out: Chuscha River, recognized for the beauty of its landscape. Its regional gastronomy, unmatched: the Quebrada de las Conchas or Quebrada de Cafayate and nearby towns such as Tolombón, among others.