More than 100 years ago it transported prisoners. Today it is touristy and takes you between mountains and waterfalls

is a railway line of the Province of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and South Atlantic Islands in Argentina, a tourist route train, which connects the Tierra del Fuego National Park with the outskirts of the city of Ushuaia, connecting three stations to the west of the city. It is the southernmost working railway in the world. Its predecessor, the prisoners’ train, began operating in 1909 until 1952, but later, the company Tranex Turismo S.A. decides to revive the legend by creating the famous End of the World Train, which covers the last 8 kilometers of the original route (formerly it was 25 km). The gauge of the End of the World Train is 500 mm, 100 mm less than the original.

Photo: @turismotdf @visitargentina