Les Éclaireurs (‘The Explorers’, translated from French) is a lighthouse located on the NE islet of the Les Éclaireurs group of islets in the Beagle Channel, off the coast of Ushuaia Bay, in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina.

The lighthouse consists of a slightly frustoconical brick tower, 11 meters high and 3 meters in diameter, painted in three stripes: red, white and red. The lantern is 22.5 meters above sea level and emits white and red light at 5 second intervals. It has an optical range of 7.2 nautical miles and is powered by solar panels.

The lighthouse was released to service on December 23, 1920 and is currently in operation, automatically, remotely controlled and closed to the public.

But the city offers other interesting tourist attractions, such as the Maritime and Prison Museum, the National Park, the Paso Garibaldi and the Laguna Esmeralda, among others.

Ushuaia is the capital city of the province of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and South Atlantic Islands, and is more than 3 thousand km to the south of Buenos Aires. It has the privilege of lying between the Beagle Channel and the Andes Mountain Range, which makes it the only Trans-Andean city in Argentina.

Photo: @visitargentina @infuetur